Hello everybody..  good evening peeps! Tassya back again hehe.. Hm last week I’m telling you about something of  I can’t life without this, and today, I want to tell you about An Expert. This expert not from me, but this expert from My Best Friend hehe. Yesh, I have a best friend and I become a Friendship weave from Junior High School until now and she is one of my friends who be of encouragement during Senior High School until college. Her name is Tri Ainun Fadilla and usually I call her “Ainun” and now she study in Tanjungpura University at Faculty Science and Mathematics in Biology Major. And Her expert have is her can Traditional Dance.😊😊
Tassya: Ainun, why you like traditional dance? Tri: If the reason does not know why. I like to dance spontaneously. and also by dancing, I can express something through movement.
Tassya : Since when you like dancing? Tri: I like traditional dancing since I’m school in kindergarten. Since that time the separation was first told to d…

Material of the Second Meeting (Adverb Type)

Adverb Type1. Adverb of Manner ( to answer question how ) example: slowly, carefuly, fast, well, beautifuy, quickly, etc. 2. Adverb of Time ( to answer the quesion when ) example : today, tomorrow, yesterday, on monday, in 1997, on July, at 7.30, etc. 3. Adverb of Place ( to answer t question where ) example : here, there, in Pontianak, on Jalan Ahmad Yani, at UPT Bahasa Untan, at your house, etc. 4. Adverb of Frequency ( o answer the question how often ) example : always, sometimes, never, once, twice, etc.

Task 1 Robots in the Home


1. How many electronic devices have you used in the past 24 hours? List them

2. What activities do robots do today? What other things would you like them to do?

3. Are there certain things we should always do for ourselves? What? Why?


1. Electronic device i have used in the past 24 hours is six electronic and this is  Lamp, rice cooker, mobile phone, wahing machine, fan, television, and etc.

2.  Activities robots do today is cooking rice in rice cooker, lighting the room use lamp, to call someone with mobile phone and etc. And other thing is i want to robots who help me to working, like a cooking and etc hehe

3. Yes, are certain. there is robot help me to wrking my homework.

Word Definitions in Living With Robots (Robots in the home text)

Page 26 in Robot In The Home Moduls

Some Word Definitions in this text, lets see!

Adopt ; To accept or start to use something new Effort : Physical or mental activity meeded to achieve something Aid : Support, help Force : Physical, especially violent, strength or power Career : The job or series of jobs that you do during your working life, especially if you continue to get better jobs and earn more money Oppose : To disagree with something or someone Code : Language, a system of words, letters or signs which used to represent a message in secret form Potential : Someone’s or something’s ability to develop, achieve or succeed Doubt : Uncertain, not sure
Serve : To work for

I Cant Imagine Life Without……

Good evening my friends, I'm back again hihi.. Hm this evening, I want to tell about I cant Imagine Life Without….. So please read my blog post hihi
In fact, I’m  so confused with this topic, Why?  Because many something or thing in the world that are meaningful to the people himself and too my self. And among the many things that are  beneficial in my life. There is one thing that I like and I love, and that I can’t life without it. And this is Music. Yeah! I Can’t Imagine Life Without Music.

In my think, Music is Fun, Music is Interested, Music is Soul, Music is Lovely, Music is Warmer, and etc. In my brains, Something all about music is interested. Because music make me calm when I get a problem and when I listen to music, my soul is cheered. And sometimes, Music can describe the contents of one's heart at that moment. And my favorite genre music is Pop, Blues, and jazz because this genre like my character, hehe😋

Almost in everyday, I’m listen to music and I t…

My Skills, What have i do with my skills, and What will I do to enhance my skills

Hey everybody and I’m back again with my story or my hihi.. and this time, i want to tell you about my skills, what I have done with my skills, what will I do to enhance my skill and etc hihi
In fact, I feel worry about what I skill I have, why? Because I fell I don’t have skill who must I tell to my friends to other people and etc.. but I will to tell you about my favorite new hobby which later could be my future skill capabilities which can be useful to other people..

Yeah.. I have new favorit hobby and my new hobby is Writing. And  few time ago, I don’t really it, But..  when I see my friends writing Scientific Papers, I’m  interested about it and I try write a my personal experience in my diary hihi.. so far, I  prefer to write is to write a story about my personal experiences and then all about something to interest for me and etc.  But I don’t interest to writing Scientific Papers, because I feel my skills are not up here. And now and I prefer to write my personal …

Why I Continue my Student To University Level

Hey everybody… This is my new blog, because the several days, I’m interested to write a blog and also my this new blog is my first blog. Yeah, I think writing is a activity that are useful to many people. So, I will introduce my self to you hihi. My name is Tassya Amalia Putri and you can call me Tassya or Asya. Now, my age is 18. I study in Tanjungpura University Pontianak on Faculty Mathematic and Science in Chemistry major. Why i choose chemistry major? Because when I Study in Senior High School level, I like related something without chemistry world or laboratory world and then I want to be a scientist or researcher who has a lot of useful discovery for many people. In my first blog, I want to tell you about “Why I continue my student to university level”

When I study in Senior High School level until now, I have a principal to my self, and  my principal is I must make my parents very proud to me with method is Entering the education level should be higher again, t…